H.G. Responds and Explains Why Google AI Mail Features are Creepy

Will 21st century Americans ever understand the true meaning of “privacy?” Can any U.S. citizen born in the 20th century imagine a U.S. postal carrier opening their mail, reading it, and then advising them on which bills to pay, which parties to attend, or how to respond to Aunt Sally’s letter?

Sadly, when Google Mail scans every e-mail correspondence and suggests responses, it is the modern-day equivalent of doing just that. As U.S. policymakers continue to neglect extending “mail tampering” and federal privacy laws to electronic mail and all forms of personal data, those living in the digital age will continue to sacrifice privacy for convenience and run the risk of having every correspondence reviewed, tracked, categorized, saved, acted upon, and potentially exposed.

You can read more about this issue in this Wall Street Journal article.

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