Hacking and Cyber Attacks Effect Millions of Users

Hacking and cyber attacks effect millions of users, companies, individuals and government entities have all experienced data breaches due to hacking.

In addition to the detailed list below, check out this linkwhich provides the details behind the data breaches of 2017 associated with: 

Alteryx, eBay,  Uber,  Maine Foster Care, Forever 21, Hyatt, Whole Foods, Sonic, Deloitte, SEC, Equifax, Verizon, California Association of Realtors, K-Mart, DocuSign, Brooks Brothers, Chipotle, the IRS, America’s Job Link, UHC, Saks and Dun and Bradstreet.

Equifax, in September of 2017, experienced a massive data breach providing access to Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and about 209,000 credit card numbers.

Yahoo, in October of  2017: a few months after Verizon acquired Yahoo, it was confirmed that about 3 billion customer accounts had been part of the Yahoo breach of  2013.

Xbox and PSP, video game maker revealed in February of 2017 that 1.2 million Xbox 360 ISO users and 1.3 million PSP ISO users were affected by a security breach in which their e-mail addresses, IP addresses, usernames, and passwords were stolen.

Saks Fifth Avenue on March 19, 2017: confirmed that customer information was visible in plain text on the company’s website, which included emails, phone numbers, and IP addresses for tens of thousands of customers.    

Deloitte, in September of 2017 had its data files breached by hackers. Deloitte, which was once named, “the best cybersecurity consultant in the world,” was breached —

a good indicator to all that no company, individual or government agency, no matter how adept at cyber security is immune to potential successful hacking attempts from those who would seek to gain access to critical data.

Think twice before providing your personal information on any digital media.

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