The Google Walkouts – The Root Cause of Silicon Valley Harassment

In response to the New York Times article, “Google Workers Reject Silicon Valley Individualism in Walkout,” dated November 6,  2018…

The article’s basic premise that the majority of U.S. Tech workers “have it good” is as far from the truth as the newest tall tale that AI and/or robotics will replace the U.S. workforce rather than create jobs.  U.S. companies inside Silicon Valley and across the country continue to perpetuate self-serving myths to maintain profitability and power.

There is no shortage of tech workers in the U.S. AI/robotics are to this generation what the PC was in the typewriter age.

Today’s techies are often forced to work more than 70 hours per week, and universally are too afraid to report harassment or misconduct for fear of suffering retaliation or being pushed out of a job and unable to find a new one. Today’s tech workers experience rampant ageism so those over 40 are rightfully threatened to remain silent. With readily available outsourcing options, off shore labor, and foreign tech labor available stateside through work visas, every U.S. technology professional is easily replaced.

Google’s walkouts made public the dirty secrets powerful Silicon Valley elites fight hard to hide. With women in tech on the decline and no critical mass, female tech workers will continue to be easy targets for harassment.

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