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Straight Arrow PR announces their promotion of Hilarie Gamm

Straight Arrow PR congratulates Hilarie Gamm:

“for her personal lobbying effort on behalf of  U.S. tech workers who have been mistreated by their employers.

Hilarie, who is the author of the highly praised book Billions Lost: The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change, has been on conference calls and met with staff members of several U.S. Senators in an effort to educate them on the problem.

Ms. Gamm has provided important insights on the following:

  • The dire consequences for the remaining U.S. middle class from the outsourcing of millions of American tech jobs to India, Philippines, China, Mexico, and other nations.
  • The growth and abuse of H-1/L1/F1 and other types of visas which has resulted in American white-collar professionals being replaced by foreign labor.
  • How qualified American college graduates, especially women, and those over 40, have been quietly replaced by foreign workers located in nations with limited labor standards and weak environmental laws.
  • The ease at which U.S. data driven industries are now exiting the U.S., hampering innovation in health care, financial services, education, and artificial intelligence.

Despite the massive accrued economic damage and the momentum to maintain a harmful status quo, Gamm remains optimistic that by reporting on the crisis, identifying the causes, and recommending remedies, change is possible.

One of Ms. Gamm’s recommendations involves passing DATA MUST STAY laws similar to what has been mandated in the European Union, Australia, China, India, and other nations.  This kind of policy change would bring back hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Straight Arrow PR has supported Hilarie’s effort by sending her press release to Congressional staffers and other influential political players.  In addition to telling her story and providing biographical information, the release highlights Ms. Gamm’s success in generating media coverage.”